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René de Paula Jr.


out-of-the-box thinking, focused in community building, user engagement strategies, offline-online sinergy and usability.

experienced as consultant, project manager, creative, also in production and implementation of interactive projects, multimedia, video, photography, copywriting, TV production and editing.

founder and moderator of "usina - power to the people", virtual community of over 500 interactive professionals and "radinho de pilha" (pocket radio), email list with over 1000 members

excellent social and team skills

mixed background, including Production Engineering, Communication Arts, Direct Marketing and foreign languages (english, german, french, spanish)

columnist of several magazines such as ABOUT,, WebInsider, MeioDigital e I-biznet

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current ocupation

Microsoft Brazil

User Experience Evangelistsince september 2007


last ocupation


August 2006 - March 2007

Special Projects - Sales Development, coordinating the creation, development and implementation of Special Projects such as Yahoo! Technology 2.0.

from September 2005 to August 2006

Regional Production Manager, coordinating the production teams of Brazil and Argentina.

major achievement: coordination of the implementation and launch of the new Yahoo!'s frontpage, both for Brazil and Argentina

Internet background

since may2005

internet director, with clients such as Ford, Land Rover, Microsoft, Telefonica e Motorola.

Sony Latin America
jan2004 to apr2005

business analyst, in charge of implementations of regional e-commerce and CRM projects (ATG+ Epiphany + SAP)

implemented online stores: SonyStyle Brasil, SonyStyle Argentina

ago2003 a set2003

marketing director.

10 minutos

e-business and CRM specialyst
associated with top experts such as Michel Lent, Edimardo Galli and Ana Clara Cenamo.

Banco Real ABN AMRO mar2002-oct2002

e-business specialyst
(responsible for the Espaço Real Universitário, a community website focused on college students.)
developed work: new features and services focused on loyalty and interaction, segmented e-mailing, targeting reactivation, traffic and test of offers

wunderman - relationship marketing nov2001-mar2002

internet director
(for clients such as Ford, AT&T, IBM, BCP, SulAmérica, etc.)

e-agency - relationship marketing mar2001-oct2001

consultant for interactive projects
(for clients such as Toyota, Correios, Caixa Econômica Federal, Brasilprev, Telefônica Celular, etc.)

AgênciaClick jun2000 to mar2001

Project manager, in charge of large projects such as

RBS (in partnership with Oracle)

Tecto (vertical portal for architecture, construction and interiors design)

C&A: the first online e-tail of the company, worldwide (e-tailer) 2000

interactive marketing manager

Wunderman Cato Johnson, (Y&R Inc).

director for interactive strategies

(clients: Citibank, BCP, Ford, IBM, Xerox, DuPont, Ericsson)

Usina Produtora ( 1998


(clients: Let´s Talk, J.R. Duran, Inst. Ayrton Senna)

AlmapBBDO 1996-1998

webmaster and interactive in NO MEDIA
member of the BBDO Interactive Steering Committee

Ibest in Design with the website J.R. Duran (

Grand Prix ABOUT for the agency´s website (

Hipermidia Agência Digital 1996

content developer e production manager (1996)

profile ::: internet ::: TV ::: education ::: languages

experience as TV editor and producer

tv stations:


editor/producer, and field producer in two international festivals (Cannes and Berlin 1996 with Rubens Ewald Filho (1996)


editor/producer for a news broadcast

programa Aqui Brasil (piloto) (1994)

programa Aqui Agora (1994-1995)

Independent Production Companies:


governor campaign in Brasília 1994

Medien Operative

Berlim – Alemanha
assistant producer/translator for channel ARTE of Berlin VideoFest 93

MV Eventos

vídeos institucionais (1993)

ABS Audio e Video

Talk Show de Leonor Correa, irmã do Fausto Silva, para a extinta rede OM (1992)

profile ::: internet ::: TV ::: education ::: languages


high school

Colégio Rio Branco


Escola de Comunicações e Artes (USP)
Rádio e Televisão

Escola Politécnica (USP)
Engenharia de Produção
90% completo

profile ::: internet ::: TV ::: education ::: languages

language skills

English: fluent

German: fluent (diploms: KDS, 8 years)

French: fluent (diploms: Nancy I, 6 years)

Spanish: excellent understanding, partially fluent

current location

living in São Paulo – SP


[email protected]

phone numbers

+5511 3283 0102   home.
+5511 8193 1258 cellular

profile ::: internet ::: TV ::: education ::: languages


Internet, reading, photography, architecture, art, music, travel

profile ::: internet ::: TV ::: education ::: languages